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DEC 20 2020


Mimi Yoshii

Music: Miyuki Shirayuki, Yukisugara and
Da by Otowabi (,
Dark Hallway by Kevin MacLeod (

Water and oil can’t be mixed, but what about mayonnaise?

Are there other opposites that could mix?

Could they somehow get closer or separate or merge?

How do they change and what makes them change?

I have learnt how to apply ideas into choreography through my experience in YAP. Creating movement from the gallery and the Botanic Garden visits was a highlight for me. It was a great experience to get so much wonderful feedback from Alison through the process of learning and gaining choreographic skills.

Mimi Yoshii



incidental interstice

andrew barnes

Music: original score by Andrew Barnes
Text by Ray Kurzweil
(spoken by a software program)

What now?    What then?
What how?     What when?

The lifespan of decay and destruction.

The tireless timeless tyrant. Technology

The Young Artist Program has been great to create alongside other artists in Adelaide and to be given the opportunity to create a dance work with a safety net. With no pressure involved it allows room for trial and error, which for me allowed for more creativity to flow and the ability to test new choreographic and improvisation techniques.

Andrew Barnes


Petra Heath

Music: Nostalgic Piano by Rafael Krux (

Touch is a dance work which physicalises the way neural networks occur and are connected in the brain. If you have ever been reminded of a memory triggered by a song or a smell, then you have lived the context of this work. Fall into the dream-like world of the subconscious and explore the journey inside the brain’s networks of emotion, senses and memory.

In the last two weeks I have learnt countless new tools to create movement, all thanks to the generous mentorship from Alison Currie and the great support from the other YAP choreographers. The way I think about the process of dance making has evolved and I cannot wait to utilize it all in my upcoming works in 2021 and beyond.

Petra Heath




You’ve made me

Jazz Hriskin

Music:  Untitled by Kyle Landman

Whatever you see is not me anymore.

I can’t tell you who I will be tomorrow,
and I don’t care if you hate what you just saw.

The Young Artist Program has given me the opportunity to develop skills and confidence in producing my own work. The Dance Hub programming and mentorship of Alison Currie was valuable to the refinement and clarity of my creative process.

Jazz Hriskin

Technical Production

Video Production: Felicity Arts

Vision Mixer: Amanda Phillips

Head of Technical Production: Alexander Waite Mitchell

Lighting and Sound Operator: Tim Osborne
Lighting Install & production: Tom Bayford

Camera Operators: Alexander Waite Mitchell & PJ Oaten

Stage Manager: Majenta Green

Thank You:

Artistic Support: Amanda Phillips
Gaga Workshop: Lee Brummer


Photographic documentation: Alexander Waite Mitchell
Dance Hub SA Executive Officer: Jo Jacobs

Thank You to our supporters who have
made this program possible.

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Event Sponsors

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A very special thank you to the many donors who contributed
to the program through our Creative Partnerships Plus 1
donation campaign

Dance Hub SA acknowledges the Kaurna people as the custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people visiting/attending from other areas of South Australia/Australia.

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