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2022 Dance.Focus

Dance.Focus 2022 is a dance film commission by Dance Hub SA in
partnership with Ausdance ACT and supported by
Ausdance SA and Torbreck Vintners.

The commission is designed to challenge, resonate
and engage with screen dance.

dianne reid

, is inspired in title by Tara June Winch’s novel “The Yield” in which she describes ‘yield’ or ‘baayanha’ as “the things you give to, the movement, the space between things.”

This project honours the legacy of the Dancers Cooperative, a community of up to 18 mature dancers who have been sharing a weekly dance practice for about 30 years (mostly aged between 50–70). Founded after the closure of a studio a number of these dancers had attended, they set up a regular Saturday morning contemporary dance class at the Eastwood Community Centre. This group, the membership of which has shifted and grown over the years, have committed to maintaining their relationship with their dancing bodies. They have also supported independent dance artists, including the filmmaker and choreographer of this screendance, Dianne Reid, through casual teaching employment.

Yield suggests a physical engagement over time, an acknowledgement of the shifts of time, age, struggle; to bend and adapt, and in doing so, enable a longevity, a history, a community.

Dianne says about this project:
“This project enabled me to celebrate and showcase those mature dancers, professional and amateur, who maintain a lifetime connection to the art of dance, to their physical well-being and to the community it nurtures. The creation of this work provided a rich experience for the dancers involved and makes visible the broad demographic of people who uphold dance as a sustainable life practice.” – Dianne Reid

Jess Minas & Gem Ivens

‘Depart 222’ is a response to Canadian philosopher and clinical psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson’s book ‘12 Rules for Life’.

The film extracts each rule, exploring Peterson’s controversial ideologies through a distorted and opposing lens. ‘Depart 222’ takes the viewer on a journey through movement and abstract imagery to explore a world of false reality, far from Peterson’s rigid idealistic beliefs and teachings.

AXIS comments on social issues formed by a patriarchal society that are ever present in Peterson’s ‘12 Rules for Life’. ‘Depart
222’ advocates for equality and diversity amongst individuals and the way they think, act and exist. You don’t have to conform to societal norms and expectations, nor follow anyone’s rules/ideals that aren’t enforced by law.

AXIS says about the project:
“As Dance.Focus artists we were able to conceptualise and produce a 10-minute short film that we are proud to present as our first project as emerging artists under AXIS. Financial support and recognition through Dance.Focus allowed us to realise ‘DEPART 222’. Through this we were able to voice our take on societal issues while sharing our vision with wider audiences.”

Caroline de Wan

‘Never Wear Yellow’
is the story of a rodeo clown. Rodeo clowns, also known as bull fighters, exist in a world of laughter and danger. They have their own superstitions, and they often have lineages. The title Never Wear Yellow comes from the superstition that bull riders and fighters should never wear yellow, put their hats on their beds or eat chicken on the days they ride, as it can bring bad luck.

petra szabo heath

‘Son; Like Mother; Like Son’ is a dance film showcasing the bond between mother and son – and the way their love for each other changes both of them. Filmed on Kaurna land, this work is a storyboard of the love of dance, family and the amazing landscape we live on.

Petra says about the project:
“This has been a fantastic opportunity to work with (the filmmaker) Tim and my son on a project that feels very special to me. Becoming a mother and returning to dance have both been a gift. Learning more about the process of filmmaking and strengthening skills in this area has been very rewarding and something I hope to continue exploring in my dance making creative practice and work. Thank you so much for giving me the resources to make this film.” – Petra Szabo Heath

project one

Perspective‘ explores the multiverse theory through street dance movement, sound, and visual stimuli.

More specifically, it explores the possibility of encountering another version of oneself and understanding what could have been, what might become, and what is.

The multiverse theory depicts that the universe we are currently experiencing is one of many possible realities. The reality of our universe has been developed and formed through an infinite series of decisions, subsequently creating a new universe each time a decision is made. This film encourages the viewers to interpret it as they see it, allowing multiple stories to be intertwined with what we believe is our reality through their own perspectives.

Wendy says about the project: “As an artist, I proposed a way to bring my vision and idea to life in the form of a high-production video where I filmed, choreographed and directed. Overall, I learnt to appreciate the time and hard work that goes into the development of a film and the process of collaborating with other artists.” – Wendy Nguyen

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2022 Dance.Focus Films

Dance Hub SA acknowledges the Kaurna people as the custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people visiting/attending from other areas of South Australia/Australia.

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