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Oct 17 flowers

X is a catalyst for performance that chooses the unknown by working in real-time and improvising together in creative / artistic exchange. At the outset of this livestreamed performance, the Dance & Music come together for the first time, and operate independently.

Welcome to X

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October 17 2021

Choreographers: Felecia Hick, Lina Limosani,  Amanda Phillips, Zaimon Vilmanis, Tanya Voges

Composers – Musicians: Darren Curtis, Jennifer De Grassi, Bradley Pitt, Alain Valodze, Alexander Waite Mitchell.

Performers: Jean Bennett-Hol, Kate Burgess, Sam Colbey, Madelaine Edwards, Zoe Gay, Mieke Kreigesvelt, Alix Kuijpers Lily Potger, Amelia Walmsley, Amelia Watson.

A. Amanda Phillips – Pile of Bodies
          B. Solo – Amelia Watson (directed by Amanda Phillips)

C. Tanya Voges – The Score
          D. Solo – Alix Kuijpers (directed by Amanda Phillips)

E. Lina Limosani – Insects
          F. Emptiness & sound #1 (empty stage)
          G. Solo – Kate Burgess (directed by Lina Limosani)

H. Felecia Hick – Wall
          I. Solo – Jean Bennett – Hol  (directed by Tanya Voges)

J.  Zaimon Vilmanis – I see I imagine
          K. Solo – Zoe Gay (directed by Tanya Voges)

M. Felecia Hick – Diagonal Trees 
         N. Solo – Madelaine Edwards (directed by Felecia Hicks)

O. Tanya Voges – The Body Remembers The Score
          P. Solo – Sam Colbey (directed by Zaimon Vilmanis)

Q. Amanda Phillips – Crowd Scene 
         R. Solo – Amelia Watson (directed by Lina Limosani)

S. Lina Limosani – Machines 
          T. Emptiness & sound #2 (empty stage)
          U. Solo – Mieke Kreigesvelt (directed by Felecia Hick)

V. Lina Limosani – Honey
          W. Solo – Lily Potger (directed by Zaimon Vilmanis)    

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X 3

Photo Credit: Sam Roberts

August 15 2021

Choreographers: Lewis Major, Sarah Neville,  Amanda Phillips, Dianne Reid, Adrianne Semmens

Composers – Musicians: Caspar Hawkesley, Stuart Patterson, Matthew Thomas, Alexander Waite Mitchell.

Performers: Clementine Benson, Felicity Boyd, Janelle Egan, Callan Fleming, Laura Golding, Sam Hall, Chloe Moir, Lily Potger, Sarah Wilson.

n August X the solos are improvised by the soloist

A. Sarah Neville – Centre Moving
        B. Solo – Lily Potger

C. Amanda Phillips – The Floor: Baby & Snakes + Ladders
         D. Solo – Laura Golding

E. Lewis Major – Frenemy
          F. Solo – Callan Fleming

G. Lewis Major – Entrances and Exits – Pathways
          H. Solo – Janelle Egan

I. Dianne Reid – Deep Time
         J. Solo – Felicity Boyd

K. Amanda  Phillips– The Crossing: Carry & Tightrope
         L. Solo – Clementine Benson

M. Adrianne Semmens – Shedding
           N. Solo – Chloe Moir

O. Dianne Reid– X
          P. Solo – Callan Fleming

Q. Amanda Phillips – The Mobile: Rave / Selfie / Instagram

R. Sarah Neville – Centre Stillness
        S. Solo – Sarah Wilson

 V. Adrianne Semmens – Trace
     W . Solo – Adrianne Semmens

X is funded through the
Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Arts Recovery Fund.



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