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Oct 17 flowers

X is a catalyst for performance that chooses the unknown by working in real-time and improvising together in creative / artistic exchange. At the outset of this livestreamed performance, the Dance & Music come together for the first time, and operate independently.

Welcome to X

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March 30 2023

Choreographers: Cathy Adamek, Tammy Arjona, Alix Kuijpers, Lina Limosani, Amanda Phillips, Xiao-Xiong Zhang

Sonic Artists: Robin Anthony Alix Kuijpers, Nia Phillips, Christopher Williams 


Winner of a weekly ‘Adelaide Fringe Best Dance Award’.

October 17 2021

Choreographers: Felecia Hick, Lina Limosani,  Amanda Phillips, Zaimon Vilmanis, Tanya Voges

Composers – Musicians: Darren Curtis, Jennifer De Grassi, Bradley Pitt, Alain Valodze, Alexander Waite Mitchell.

Performers: Clementine Benson, Sue Hawksley, Tayla Hoadley, Sophie Hollingworth, Sarah Kasirzadeh, Liat Kedem, Amanda Lee, Xin Hui Ong, Cinzia Schincariol, Sam Matthewman, Jazzy Williamson-Gray.


Performers: Jean Bennett-Hol, Kate Burgess, Sam Colbey, Madelaine Edwards, Zoe Gay, Mieke Kreigesvelt, Alix Kuijpers Lily Potger, Amelia Walmsley, Amelia Watson.

A. Amanda Phillips – Pile of Bodies
          B. Solo – Amelia Watson (directed by Amanda Phillips)

C. Tanya Voges – The Score
          D. Solo – Alix Kuijpers (directed by Amanda Phillips)

E. Lina Limosani – Insects
          F. Emptiness & sound #1 (empty stage)
          G. Solo – Kate Burgess (directed by Lina Limosani)

H. Felecia Hick – Wall
          I. Solo – Jean Bennett – Hol  (directed by Tanya Voges)

J.  Zaimon Vilmanis – I see I imagine
          K. Solo – Zoe Gay (directed by Tanya Voges)

M. Felecia Hick – Diagonal Trees 
         N. Solo – Madelaine Edwards (directed by Felecia Hicks)

O. Tanya Voges – The Body Remembers The Score
          P. Solo – Sam Colbey (directed by Zaimon Vilmanis)

Q. Amanda Phillips – Crowd Scene 
         R. Solo – Amelia Watson (directed by Lina Limosani)

S. Lina Limosani – Machines 
          T. Emptiness & sound #2 (empty stage)
          U. Solo – Mieke Kreigesvelt (directed by Felecia Hick)

V. Lina Limosani – Honey
          W. Solo – Lily Potger (directed by Zaimon Vilmanis)    

X 2.jpg
X 3

Photo Credit: Sam Roberts

August 15 2021

Choreographers: Lewis Major, Sarah Neville,  Amanda Phillips, Dianne Reid, Adrianne Semmens

Composers – Musicians: Caspar Hawkesley, Stuart Patterson, Matthew Thomas, Alexander Waite Mitchell.

Performers: Clementine Benson, Felicity Boyd, Janelle Egan, Callan Fleming, Laura Golding, Sam Hall, Chloe Moir, Lily Potger, Sarah Wilson.

n August X the solos are improvised by the soloist

A. Sarah Neville – Centre Moving
        B. Solo – Lily Potger

C. Amanda Phillips – The Floor: Baby & Snakes + Ladders
         D. Solo – Laura Golding

E. Lewis Major – Frenemy
          F. Solo – Callan Fleming

G. Lewis Major – Entrances and Exits – Pathways
          H. Solo – Janelle Egan

I. Dianne Reid – Deep Time
         J. Solo – Felicity Boyd

K. Amanda  Phillips– The Crossing: Carry & Tightrope
         L. Solo – Clementine Benson

M. Adrianne Semmens – Shedding
           N. Solo – Chloe Moir

O. Dianne Reid– X
          P. Solo – Callan Fleming

Q. Amanda Phillips – The Mobile: Rave / Selfie / Instagram

R. Sarah Neville – Centre Stillness
        S. Solo – Sarah Wilson

 V. Adrianne Semmens – Trace
     W . Solo – Adrianne Semmens

X is funded through the
Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Arts Recovery Fund.



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Dance Hub SA acknowledges the Kaurna people as the custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people visiting/attending from other areas of South Australia/Australia.

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