Young Artist Program

The Future is almost here…….

This is a 2-week program for emerging choreographers.  On a daily basis, the young artists can respond to provocations as soloists or with a group of dancers.

This program is specifically for emerging professional practitioners to make a short project, or complete snapshots of future projects, and to create ideas quickly under a structured mentorship with an established Choreographer/Director.

The aim is that each young artist has explored choreographic ideas and produced outcomes based on tasks, exploration and sharing.

At the end of the 2 weeks the artists will present in studio showings of the 2 – 3 ideas that they have derived over the 2-weeks. YAP purposely gives way to the idea of stages of development and offers the young artists the chance to make complete short works that are presentation/performance ready.

It promotes utilising what is immediately available as a source of creativity, and allows a young creator to move on from an idea that is not working in the given time constraints, to favour an idea that is working within the YAP framework.  The project culminates in a studio presentation for the public of selected YAP short works and a Q and A.

DATES: DECEMBER 7-20, 2020


Congratulations to our inaugural participants

Alice Bendall, Felicity Boyd, Zoe Gay, Lisa Kedem,
Daniel Lyas, Chloe Moir, Stefaan Morrow,
Zawadi Rashidi and Petra Szabo.